Unique Painting Tips

Unique painting

Unique Painting Techniques

Want to paint but want something exciting – then use these unique painting techniques! If you are looking for a space that really gets attention you must think about some of the list below painting strategies to customize your home.


Stenciling is certainly one of the most popular strategies around. This strategy takes concentration and patience to complete, as stencils can be extremely elaborate. One of the enjoyable things about utilizing stencils is that they can be integrated with other painting methods in order to get some remarkable looking walls. Many stores carry a variety of stencils and designs that you can use, just be away you will need to find a way to paint precisely if it is to come out right. Always practice first!

Stencils can yield beautiful and unique results
Stencils can yield beautiful and unique results

Sponge Painting

In current years sponging has actually ended up being a well liked painting strategy.  Sponging is an extremely user-friendly strategy as it involves simply dipping a sponge in paint and then applying the paint on the wall. Sponge painting can be done in layers with a variety of colors and shades that will give your home a more unique and artistic feel. This unique painting technique produces fragile patterns you merely will not develop utilizing any other method.

Rag Painting

Rag painting is similar to sponge painting in the method that you “rag” the wall, other than rather than utilizing an actual sponge, this method utilizes a rag. Utilizing a rag offers you a more significant color impact considering that there are no big holes to let colors come through like with a sponge. This will be a blotchier and bolder unique painting technique so test its results before committing to use it to make sure it’s the effect you want in your home .


Murals are another wonderful method that can be utilized in your house. Murals are an exceptional method to accomplish that unique appearance. Murals are often used in children’s rooms to add charm, but can also be used in living rooms, kitchens, and office rooms. Adding scenery like this makes rooms more interesting, calming, and unique. Be sure to hire a professional if you want a specific look unless you are an artist though as this is a big project that requires lots of planning and skill to complete!

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