Siding Painting Tips

Siding painting

Siding Painting: What You Need To Know

No matter how good your siding is, if it’s aging you will need to learn about siding painting. Painting your siding keeps your home looking great, and can extend the life of your siding. Get some siding painting tips here!

Remove Old Paint

Old paint needs to be sanded away off of the siding surface. Particularly if the old paint is flaky, cracked or damage. Doing this requires quite some time, and careful preparation. Wear goggles, long sleeves, and a face mask to keep dangerous particles from getting in your eyes, hair, nose, or airways.

Painting over old paint that has not been removed ruins your otherwise perfect paint job. Placing new paint over old paint guarantees the need to paint again as old paint will continue to flake off – taking the new paint with it!

To remove old paint you’ll need sandpaper or a rough brush – depending on the material of your siding. Be sure to check with a home exterior specialist or your local hardware store to see what the safest way to remove old paint is. Also make sure your home is not old enough to have lead paint or you will need special help to dispose of it.

Painting your siding is a great way to improve curb appeal
Painting your siding is a great way to improve curb appeal

Prepare and Paint

Be sure to rinse off the siding to make sure the dust and powder is gone, once this is complete let the area air dry. This makes the paint stick to the siding. Painting on damp siding or siding covered in dust results in a sloppy finish.

When painting, be sure the color you use complements the other areas of your home exterior. Be careful to view paint swatches in and out of direct sunlight, shade, and up against roofing and trim colors to be sure it looks good!

Painting siding is time consuming and naturally takes place outside. Because of this, don’t paint on a rainy or windy day. The weather impacts how paint ultimately dries so wait for a clear and warm day to paint. Also give your new siding paint plenty of time to dry – be sure to do more than one coat if needed.

Professional Painters

The best way to paint your siding is to hire a professional home exterior painter. A professional painter knows how to prepare any siding surface and which paints to use. They also know which colors are best to improve curb appeal and to match your other home exterior colors. Professional painters can also get the job done faster, and it saves you the cleanup too. Calling a professional painter for your siding painting job is your best option for quality, time, and value.

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