Recycling Paint

Recycling Paint

About Recycling Paint

Recycling paint is simple, economical, and good for the environment. Making you properly dispose of and recycle paint is good for your wallet and the earth! By reading up on these simple things you can easily and safely prepare your paint for recycling.


It’s important to secure any leftover paint to prevent spillage and seepage. Make sure the paint can is fully closed so it doesn’t leak anywhere it is being stored. Leaks are dangerous both to your home and the environment. Keep your and your family safe from fumes and drips by making sure the cans are securely closed.

Stay with Water-based

Oil-based paints or other based paints are fantastic for unique tasks that need a particular look, however are dangerous when it comes to disposal. If the label is missing out on, torn, or painted over, look to see if there is a components list to see what is listed.

If you can’t find that, assume it is not water based. Water based paints are much easier to recycle and dispose of. They are also not as dangerous to mix with other colors or paint items.

Know What to Utilize and What to Dispose of

The best way to recycle paint is use older paint you already have instead of purchasing new paint. This way, you are just integrating a perfectly good product with the reset of your home.

If you have older paints that appear lumpy or are gelled over, or have solidified – do not use them. Any older paints with these symptoms should be given to a local council or hardware store for a recycling paint program.

Finished Product

Using older paint properly not only is a good way to not waste paint, but it also makes your life easier. The paint you use will already match the paint you have is great for touch ups and trim! Keeping paint after a big job for smaller tasks saves you money and time next time you have to paint!

Make sure you store paint properly to use it again
Make sure you store paint properly to use it again


When you have finished painting, store unused paint in a sealed (see above) can and keep in a cool dry place. Storing paint properly will keep you from needing to throw out paint from going bad! Make sure you make a note of when you used the paint so you have an idea of how old it is later.


Paint that has gone bad, or paint that is lumpy or you’re not sure what it’s base is – needs to be disposed of properly. DO NOT throw it in the trash though! This is bad for the environment and can get you fines! Instead, call your local sanitation or community recycling program for details on how to safely dispose of paint. Many home improvement stores will also have advice. You can also ask a local home interior painting company about paint disposal tips – or hire them to do the whole job and make it easier!

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