Preparing To Paint Your House

Preparing to paint

Preparing to Paint Your Home

Preparing to paint your house can seem like a hassle, and even be overwhelming. Remember these few things while you get ready for the contractor to come over!

Pick your color

This seems like a no-brainer, but testing different colors in different areas of the room and different levels of light is critical to making sure your new paint job will actually look good!

Clear the Room of Everything Movable

The more you’re able to get out of a room, the better. When preparing to paint, the fewer items that can be damaged or get in the way – the easier time you’ll have painting. It eliminates trip hazards, protects your belongings, and can even help you clean the space a bit better after the painting is done. Painting contractors also appreciate having lots of space to work whenever they can!

There are many steps when it comes to getting ready to paint!
There are many steps when it comes to getting ready to paint!

Cover Everything Else

If you can’t move larger pieces out of the room, or there’s nowhere to put some of the smaller items, used dropcloths to cover them. Also make sure areas of your floors are covered to keep paint drips from happening. You want to take pieces of masking tape for baseboards and mouldings to ensure crisp clean edges if you can.

Prime and Sand

Finally, lightly sand your walls and use a primer. This helps the new paint stick better to your walls by removing old loose areas of the current paint color. Don’t sand too much though! Or you might cause problems with your wall texture later on!

Delta City Construction and Painting Inc

For years we have been serving the Chicagoland area with our high quality home interior painting services. In addition to painting the inside of your home, we also offer light carpentry services to make small alterations in your home. We’re also able to offer home exterior painting services! Contact us for more information about what we can do to make your home look spectacular!

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