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Paint brushes

Which Paint Brushes Should You Use On Your Home?

It’s a no-brainer that painting your home requires paint brushes. Apart from the paint that you will be using these are the most important items in your paint project and can have a large impact on the final result. Here are our paint brush tips!

Use A Brush Not A Sprayer

Sprayers are best suited to small areas or special tasks like stenciling. Many people will try to use a sprayer for a DIY paint job thinking it will make the job go faster and also be easier. This is a mistake. Certain paint types clog sprayers which makes for a mess and poor application.

It may be tempting to use a sprayer as many professionals favor them, but professionals are just that: professional. Because of this they have an understanding of the best way to use sprayers and how to get the right finish.

Brushes and rollers are much better if painting your home is going to be a DIY job. They are easier for beginners to use and can leave a nice even finish when used correctly. Different brushes do different jobs though so it’s important to check you have the best equipment.

Paint brushes are key to a successful paint job
Paint brushes are key to a successful paint job

Using The Right Paint Brushes For The Job

Painting large areas of walls or your home means you will likely have an uneven coat of paint or certain areas that look splotchy. It is important to use roller brushes for large flat areas like ceilings and walls.

Use a small brush (2 inches is fine) to paint edges along trim and baseboards for detailed work. These give you flexibility and more control over the paint and final outcome. Larger brushes to reach corners and other nooks and crannies a roller can’t get to are also ideal. Essentially, be smart about brush use and where and how often you use them for the best result.

Paint brushes are great to paint moulding and trims as well. Make sure you have a fresh and clean brush before painting these detailed areas to keep paint colors from blending or looking sloppy. Use common sense when painting and never use brushes on large areas to avoid drips and splotchy finish. The smaller the brush you use the smaller the space should be or your results will not look good.

Hiring a Professional

You can also save yourself the risk and hassle by simply hiring a professional home interior paint company. They will already have the expertise and know how on what brushes to use where and how to do a quick and clean job. Hiring a professional saves you time by letting someone else do the work for you so you don’t have to take time off or reschedule things. A professional also guarantees a great look every time when the job is finished.

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