How To Pick The Best Paint Finish in Chicago

Best paint finish

Which Paint Finish Is Best in Chicago?

Fun fact about paint finish: Flat finish is NOT advised for your walls! Despite it being popular and recommended by many stores, flat finishes scuff, stain, and smudge easily. Don’t make the mistake of using a flat finish when these better options are out there!

Tips for Picking Paint Finish

Eggshell – this is a better option than a flat finish. This is also very popular in Chicagoland area homes. Eggshell has just the tiniest hint of gloss that makes scuffs and bumped areas of your wall more forgiving. It may not be the best in areas with harsh lighting like kitchens and bathrooms though. If you go with eggshell finish, you will likely want to use a flat finish for your ceiling for contrast. Test the look of this by comparing swatches.

Semi-Gloss – easy to clean and with a little more shine, semi-gloss is a great alternative to high gloss. High gloss paint gets dirty and damaged as easily as flat finish paint. Semi-gloss paint works great for trim, baseboards, and mouldings too!

Picking finish is just as important as picking color for home
Picking finish is just as important as picking color for home

Extra Painting Tips for Chicago Homeonwners

If the initial paint surface is flat, make sure to touch up utilizing the very same shade of flat paint. If the initial paint surface is semi-gloss, make sure to touch up utilizing the exact same semi-gloss paint. Paint surfaces are not interchangeable, trying to mix them will result in needing to re paint the whole room!

If it’s been a couple of years given that the walls have actually been painted, you’re beyond the help of touch ups. Repaint the room in its entirety as paint colors fade and your ‘touched up spots’ will be very obvious.

Inspect the paint color in the space that you’ll be painting that color in … colors tend to look various in various light. Even better, get a sample and paint an example on the wall for finest outcomes. You can get swatches at your hardware store and tape them in areas so see how the color looks throughout the day, next to furniture, and in different lighting.

Keep in mind, color is your friend! Make your home inviting, exciting, calming, or unique by picking colors that suit your personality and let you express yourself! Painting your home interior doesn’t mean you have to go with boring colors or plain white. Customize your home the way you’ve always wanted it by using the color and finish of paint you want!

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