Painting Your Exterior Door

Painting your door

Painting Your Door

When you’re looking to paint your outside wood doors, any old paint that may have been lying around in the garage simply will not do. You will need to select the ideal kind of paint particular to your door, taking things like the present condition, pre-treatments, and type of wood into consideration.

Brand New Doors

If it’s a brand-new door that has actually never ever been painted, you’ll have to begin by finishing it’s exterior surface with a water-based latex coating, and after that include your priming coat. Latex supplies a blister-resistance that will assist keep your paint from bubbling and breaking.

Formerly Painted Doors in Good or Like New Condition

If your door has been painted, and is without blisters or bubbles and problems (consisting of cracks, mildew and flaking), you’ll be needing to use 2 coats of paint: either oil-based or latex will work. If you know for sure that the paint that was formerly used was oil-based, you’ll have to utilize a priming coat prior to including your 2 coats of paint.

src=”” alt=”Painting your door makes your home look amazing!” width=”500″ height=”375″ /> Painting your door makes your home look amazing!

Previously Painted Doors in Old or Poor Condition

New paint over old paint causes tension on the paint’s surface area, which will ultimately result in big cracks. Big cracks or bubbling can  trigger the paint to flake off.

When you’re dealing with outside wood doors that have fractures and are peeling, you’re in for some trouble. If you merely paint over the old paint, you will still see the defects below regardless of how beautifully done the paint task is. Prior to getting your paint brush, scrape off all the paint that you can that comes off easily. You can use sand paper for this too.

After sanding, tidy and dust off the door, and after that you’re all set to prime. Use one coat of a premium latex as a priming coat and after that 2 coats of oil-based or latex paint.

What About Wood Cracks?

Simply put wood cracks happen as an outcome of altering temperature levels. Consider them to be like hairline fractures in your outside wood door’s surface area.

Considering that a scraper will likely cause more problems and be ineffective, merely sand the location up until it is flat. Tidy and dry the surface area, and after that use a priming coat. After the priming coat dries, your door is all set for 2 coats of latex or oil-based paint.

As you can see, outside wood doors can be rather difficult to paint as soon as they have sustained damage. That’s why it’s preferable to preserve a smooth surface area by painting your doors prior to they start breaking, peeling, examining or collapsing.

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