Painting Your Window Frames

Window Frames

About Painting Window Frames

Painting window frames, a fundamental part of keeping your house. It holds true what they state that the windows are the eyes of the house. This is why it is crucial that you have the ability to keep them in excellent condition all the time.

Why Do I Need Them Painted

It is simply a matter of time until your window sills will begin to chip off and decay due to external aspects like sun direct exposure and weather. There is no getting around this sadly, it is a natural part of owning a house and wear and tear on surfaces. This in turn affects the value of your home as well as it’s curb appeal – peeling and cracked window panes do not look good to potential buyers or new neighbors. Painting the windows would make them look brand-new. Here are some pointers to make this diy task a lot easier for you.

Prepare Window Surfaces

Scrape any particles that has actually gotten stuck onto the windows. Whether the window is still in excellent condition or in a bad state, sanding it is required to eliminate rough bits that may not hold paint, or old parts that will flake off. If you do not do this, the paint will not adhere to the window frames. Make sure when you do this you have protection for your nose and mouth as breathing in old paint particles can make you sick.

Preparing your windows for proper painting is key.
Preparing your windows for proper painting is key.

Fill Holes If There Are Any

If there are any spaces in between the windows and walls, you can utilize caulks  and fillers to fill them in. This is important because spaces can make your windows look bad and even raise your bills by not holding in heat. For the windows, utilize wood putty. To use the wood putty, utilize a putty knife and use a thin layer prior to smoothing it with the flat part of the knife.

Do Not Paint Between The Frame And The Sash

If you do this, the sash will not be able to open the window after the paint has actually dried. Meaning you need to either replace your windows or will have to find a way to carefully remove the paint you applied – which is not easy! This is a common mistake made by many enthusiastic homeowners, and it can be a really expensive one to resolve! Make sure to eliminate the sash window initially prior to painting the window.

Resolve Issues Immediately

Do not wait till the paint has actually dried prior to you do something about the excess paint or the unequal finishing. Waiting for the paint to dry to fix things means you may have to sand down areas and paint them again. Smooth out drips, attend to splotchy areas, and wipe up smudges and marks that you don’t want as soon as they are made. Make solutions right now or you risk window frames that do not look good!

Hire A Professional

Another option if you are concerned about painting your window frames is to hire a professional interior painting company like Delta City Painting and Construction. Delta City has years of experience with painting home interiors and exteriors, and can even help with light carpentry to get your windows looking just right. By hiring a professional you are guaranteeing a high level of quality with your finished project. You also are saving yourself time and hassle when it comes to these projects! A professional painter gives you the final result you want without all the stress and hassle of doing it yourself, so make your appointment today!f


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