Painting Textured Ceilings

Painting Textured Ceilings

Tips For Painting Textured Ceilings

Painting ceilings is hard enough when they’re perfectly flat, so here are tips for painting textured ceilings – which are even more challenging! With these tips painting your textured ceiling will be easier with a nicer outcome!

Painting Textured Ceilings: The Tools

The best option for painting a textured ceiling is to use a professional grade paint sprayer. As it’s unlikely you’ll want to buy this expensive equipment, you’ll be happy to know there are other more traditional and cost effective options.

Before you start painting, make sure you wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, a bandanna or hat you don’t mind getting paint on, and goggles. Painting ceilings means paint drips – so protect yourself first! Also, paint on your skin can be a pain to remove – long sleeves and pants protect you from having to scrub later!

You’ll need these items for the perfect finish:

  • 1 or more 3″ paint brushes
  • At least 1 3″ foam roller applicator
  • 1 x 9″ roller cage with 1″ nap roller sleeve
  • An extension pole
  • Ground cloth to cover the flooring as this will be unpleasant
  • Plastic to secure any furnishings or other big unmovable products.
Paint rollers are the best way to paint textured ceilings
Paint rollers are the best way to paint textured ceilings

How To Paint Your Textured Ceiling

Any type of paint will work for a ceiling – though there are bright white and special fast drying ceiling paints available. Some even change color to make sure you get all the spots of your ceiling as texture can make it hard to tell.

You’ll need to cover your floor and furniture first, and mask the edges to keep the paint from going where it’s not supposed to. This protects any other valuables from drips and damage.

When you have actually got the edges either covered or painted. it’s time to fill in the ceiling! You will need the roller for this since the brushes are for the edges. Fill your roller with paint and apply it to the ceiling. Take care to be careful of drips and uneven application, making sure to not let the roller get too dry. The thick roller is great for texture as it can coat multiple surfaces at a time.

Be careful when painting a textured ceiling to not use too much pressure as this can make bits crumble off and fall. Damaging your ceiling looks bad and also ruins your paint job so be extra careful!

Alternatively, the best way to ensure a great looking textured ceiling is to hire a professional. A quality home interior painting professional makes your home look great and guarantees high quality services.

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