Common Painting Mistakes

The Importance Of Paint Care For Your HOA

Painting Mistakes

When looking at how to paint a space, walls and especially painting ceilings make it easy to make painting mistakes. Painting mistakes should be avoided where possible to keep your home looking great!

Bad Brushes

A brush that looks like a damaged stick rather of great soft long bristles doesn’t put on paint well. When looking after your brush properly it will last you for years. Bad and cheap brushes don’t last long and doesn’t apply paint evenly which makes your home look bad.
Using the right equipment avoids painting mistakes
Using the right equipment avoids painting mistakes

Bad Paint

Utilizing bad quality paint or ceiling paint on your walls is a bad idea. Purchase a reliable brand name paint – understand it’s going to last awhile and you can consider a good quality paint an investment. Poor quality paint looks thin and streaky and really irregular when light shines throughout the surface area. Where painting mistakes are concerned using cheap paint is #1 so think twice before you buy!

Not Moving Furniture

You need to move furniture! It prevents getting paint on your things and it just takes a couple of minutes to move. Not moving your furniture is asking for problems. You are inviting damage if you do not take the steps to move or cover your furniture when you are painting.

Neglecting Your Ceiling

Not utilizing an extension pole to reach the ceiling from the ground means your ceiling is going to look bad. You can fill your roller right up and cover a lot of space at a time with a properly extended paint roller. Trying to do a ceiling by hand makes its splotchy and uneven. You can also avoid these painting mistakes by contacting Delta City Construction and Painting Inc.  Delta City has been offering its interior painting services, exterior painting services and even light carpentry services to the Chicago area for years. Avoid the pitfalls of painting and contact these professionals today!
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