Painting Garage Doors

Painting garage doors

All About Painting Garage Doors

When it comes to exteriors, painting garage doors substantially enhances the outside appeal of your house. Paint acts as an additional layer of security to the doors, increasing their strength to severe weather conditions, dust, and the damaging UV rays of the sun.

To have the best outcome and experience painting your garage doors, we’ve put together this guide for you!

Know The Weather

It will do you no good to paint your garage in the rain. Check the weather forecast and make sure there is no rain or snow for up to 3 days. This allows the paint to dry evenly and prevents splotches and trouble spots in the finish.

Checking the weather also lets you be more comfortable actually doing the paint job! No one wants to sit outside in negative temperatures all day painting! Ensure your own safety and comfort by knowing what you’re up against.

Prepare your Tools

Identify what product was utilized to make your garage door. Different door materials require different paints and brushes. If the door has texture, trim, or other decorations on it this is particularly true. Depending on if your door is wood or synthetic, you may need different paints, finishes, or sealants for it to look right too.

Paint Surface Preparation

Start by scraping off any existing paint off your door with a putty knife. To make sure that no existing paint stays, you might scrub the area you want to paint with some sand paper or even use a paint thinner or stripper to remove old paint.

As soon as done, tape off locations that you do not desire painted – make sure you use proper masking tape for paint. Also use tarps and drop cloths  like any other normal paint job to prevent drips and areas that don’t look good on your pavement or sidewalk later.

Make sure you have the right materials before you start
Make sure you have the right materials before you start

Cleaning up

If you don’t need to remove old paint you still need to clean the paint surface. Remove gunk, dirt particles, and more with a power washer to make sure you don’t end up with bare spots or speckles. Gunk, dirt and dust prevent paint from sticking so this step is crucial if you want a good finish. Then let the whole area dry completely before masking off areas and starting to paint. 


Utilizing a roller or a brush, use simply enough paint on your door, making sure that coats are even. Check with your local hardware store how many coats of paint your door will need based on what it’s made of. Be sure you paint smoothly to minimize drips.

Alternatively you can hire a professional home exterior paint company that knows about painting garage doors. Hiring a professional ensures your job will come out looking good, and leaves little work to you the homeowner too! Hiring a painting professional is the best choice you can make when painting garage doors.

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