When To Paint Your House

Paint your house

Is It Time To Paint Your House?

When do you need to paint your house? What are the warning signs of needing a paint job? Read on to find out.

1. Flaking or bubbling paint

Things like scuff marks or spots are inevitable when it comes to paint over time. This is a fact of actually living in a home and using it. However, if your paint is flaking, peeling, or bubbling, you need help! Paint literally coming off your walls can be dangerous to your health. It also looks awful! Bubbling paint is a sign the paint has been exposed to humidity or heat, and flaking and peeling will eventually over time. If you notice these problems then it’s definitely time to paint your house!

Flaking paint never looks could and can be a health hazard
Flaking paint never looks could and can be a health hazard

2. Fading color

Overtime, exposure to any source of light can fade any color of paint. If there is furniture in the way then it is event possible for there to be outlines on the fall between faded and not faded. If you notice one part of your wall lighter or less vibrant than another part, it’s time to paint your house so call your home interior painting company.

alt=”Painting your home is part of being a homeowner” width=”691″ height=”518″ /> Painting your home is part of being a homeowner

3. Trying to increase your home value/curb appeal

If you have bold bright colors your home may not fetch a high price if you decide to sell. Prospective buyers tend to opt for a neutrally painted home when purchasing. Also, if you have fade, dirty, or scuffed paint, your house may not sell for as much since the new owners will need to do work right away when they move in! Paint your house if you want it to be worth more!

Boost your curb appeal and home with fresh paint
Boost your curb appeal and home with fresh paint

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