Is it OK to Paint Stucco?

Is it OK to Paint Stucco?

Painting Stucco?

Stucco can last a lifetime, but that does not mean you will never face any issues. Chicago’s heavy rains, snow, and ice are hard on stucco, and over time, you might notice some damage. From stains to cracks, the damage has hurt your home’s appeal, and you are ready to fix it. That has caused you to wonder, “Is it OK to paint stucco?”

While some contractors will paint stucco, it is much wiser to repair it. Painting stucco has some huge drawbacks that you should consider. Let Delta City Painters explain in more detail…

Problems with Painting Stucco

You asked, “Is it OK to paint stucco,” because you have heard some people warn against it. There are two main reasons you should not paint stucco. First, it can seal the moisture, and second, it will be hard to re-stucco your home after you paint it. Here, we take a closer look at both of these problems.

Painting Stucco Seals Moisture

Stucco is a porous material that needs to breathe. It absorbs moisture, and that includes paint. If you paint stucco, you will have to apply more coats than normal since the material will absorb the first several coasts. As you add more and more coats, the paint will seal the moisture into the stucco.

The moisture causes two huge problems. First, the moisture will cause the paint to peel and blister, making it expensive to maintain. You can expect to repaint it over and over again. That is expensive and frustrating.  

Even worse, the moisture can make its way to your home’s wood framing, causing rot and structural damage. This is another expensive problem.

Painting Stucco
Painting Stucco

You Will Have to Pay Top Dollar to Re-Stucco Your Home

Rather than dealing with the headache that comes with painting stucco, you may consider or require repairs to the stucco surface instead. Here, you will run into another problem. You cannot put stucco directly over paint. Stucco needs to attach to concrete bonding agents, or it will not stick to your home. You will have to remove all the paint before you can put stucco on your home again. It is a pretty big project and can cause a significant amount of money.

Stucco Repair – A Smart Alternative to Painting Stucco

Now that you know the answer to, “Is it OK to paint stucco?,” what can you do to fix the exterior of your home? If paint is not a good option, what can you do? Do you just have to live with the damage?

Instead of painting your stucco, repair it. A stucco repair company can do everything from patching small areas to fixing large areas that have huge cracks or other damage. Once repaired, your home will look like new, and you won’t have to worry about rotted wood, mold growth, and other issues that occur when stucco is damaged.

Adding Color During the Stucco Repair

Do you still feel a bit disappointed by the answer to, “Is it OK to paint stucco?” You might be ready for a new color, but you can get that during the stucco repair process. The repair company can add a color coat to the base material. This material can be applied to your entire home. Then, it will look like you painted your stucco, but you will not have to worry about moisture issues or running into problems when you re-stucco your home. This is the way to enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous color without the hassle.

Don’t Put Off a Stucco Repair

If your stucco needs repaired, do not put it off. The longer you let moisture seep into your home, the bigger the problem will be when it is finally repaired. Also, the damage to the exterior of your home can get worse as time passes. Instead of having small cracks and chips, you could end up with huge issues.

Delta City Painters provides expert stucco repair services for residential and commercial clients. From minor patches to huge jobs, the company can tackle the project and make the home or business look like new again. Contact the locally owned and operated company to learn more about stucco repair. After you receive a quote, the team can begin the project. Then, you can stop the damage in its tracks.

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