How To Pick a Chicagoland Painting Contractor

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Picking a Chicagoland Painting Contractor

Chicagoland Painting Contractor: If you’re looking for a fresh coat of paint whether it be on the inside or outside of your home, it’s important to choose the right painting contractor. Avoid poorly done work, expensive refurbishing, and the hassle of re-doing your home by following this advice.

Interior Painting Services Hinsdale
Interior Painting Services Hinsdale

Look Local

Local contractors are up to date on ordinances and codes for home interiors and exteriors. When you approach them with a request they will know what can and can’t be done in your neighborhood. Also, local contractors often can get better deals on supplies with local stores than some of the ‘big name’ contractors out there. Support a local Chicagoland business and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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Scope of Work

What all do you want done? Is it just your kitchen walls? Will you be painting cabinets? Trim? Your home exterior as well? You need to know the exact details of what you would like done before approaching a contractor – not all home exterior painters will do a job indoors for example – the materials and the scope of the project are completely different.

A good painting contractor will make you aware of the services they offer so if you want to paint something they’re not able to – you’ll know up front. Many contractors now list all their services on their web sites. So searching online for a Chicagoland painting contractor will help you narrow down your list of who to call for help!

Painting contractors will also be able to give you an estimate on how much a job will cost as well as on how long a job can take. If you are in a time crunch or there are certain days you can’t be around for the contractors to work make sure you discuss this with them so they are still giving you the most accurate estimate for time and cost as they are able.

Residential and Commercial Painting Company - Delta City Painters - (630) 292-4470
Residential and Commercial Painting Company – Delta City Painters – (630) 292-4470


Thanks to sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google’s review pages finding out if a painting contractor is good or not is simple! The easiest way to find a contractor is obviously to ask your friends and family if they know of anyone whose work they are please with. But in the event you can’t find a good word of mouth referral, a quick search online is your best bet.

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Make sure you read the most recent reviews to get a good idea of works that have been done as old reviews may no longer accurate if the business has changed owners. Also check multiple review sites to get as clear a picture as you possibly can. Feel free when you call contractors for estimates to ask them to furnish references as well – many good painting contractors expect this and are prepared to give you examples when asked.

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