Freshen Up Your Home For Spring With These Painting Trends

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Spring Painting Trends: Refresh Your Home

Welcome spring by making your home look nice and new. Delta City Construction & Painting Inc. can help you make your house look excellent with cool colors, textures, and styles. We have experts who can help you pick what is best for your home, no matter how much money you must spend. Let us bring the new season to life in your home! Contact us at (630) 410-9250 and get a free estimate on how we can help freshen up your place for spring! Don’t wait; make this the best spring ever with your exterior house painters near me

Best Painting Trends Colors To Update Your Home 

If you want to change your home but want to do a manageable renovation, paint can help. Paint can make a room brighter or bigger. It can add style too. But there are so many colors that it is hard to know what color to choose. Here are some of the best colors for painting your home without extensive renovation.

1. Soft Neutrals

Neutrals are popular colors for modern homes. These colors look good in many styles, like traditional and contemporary. Examples of neutrals are gray, beige, and taupe. You could use a soft blue or green to add more interest.

2. Bold Accents

You can make your home look different by adding a few bold colors. You could paint an accent wall or put bright colors on furniture or decorations. Colors like navy blue, green, and yellow can give your home energy and personality. Make sure also to use some neutral colors so it looks relaxed.

3. White

White is a classic color that never goes out of style. It looks great in any room. Put white on the walls and add colors to make it look nice. You can paint your doors and trim with glossy white for an elegant look.

4. Pastels

Soft colors like pink, blue, and green are good if you want to change your home without doing much work. These colors make a calm feeling in the bedroom or bathroom. They can help you feel peaceful when you come home from a long day.

5. Earth Tones

If you want to bring a touch of nature indoors, consider using earthy colors like brown, green, and rust. These colors create a warm and cozy atmosphere, making your home feel like a natural retreat. Use them in your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen to add a sense of warmth and comfort.

Paint is a great way to update your home without doing major work. Pick colors that make you happy and turn your space into a special place that is all yours. Choose from light colors, dark colors, or something in between – be creative and have fun!

interior painting trends
Interior Paint Colors

What Shade Of Color Suits A Particular Room In Your Home?

Picking a color for the room can be tricky. Colors can make us feel different things and create unique feelings. It is essential to pick the right color for each room in your house. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Consider The Purpose Of The Room

To pick the right color for a room, think about what that room will be used for. For example, you can use blue or green if it is a bedroom and try beige or brown paintings for living room. That will help you decide the right shade of color.

Think About The Natural Light In The Room

You should use lighter colors if a room has a lot of sunlight. Sunlight will make the colors look brighter and more intense. If the room is not very sunny, use darker colors to make it feel warm and cozy.

Consider The Size Of The Room

The size of a room changes the color you pick. If the room is small, choose a light color to make it look bigger. For large rooms, like a dark color to feel more cozy.

Think About The Existing Decor

When picking a color for a room, look at the furniture and decorations already there. Pick a color that looks good with them. This will make the room look nice and pulled together.

Experiment With Paint Samples

Think about the color you want for a room. Try it out by painting a small part of the wall. Look at it in different lights during the day. That will help you decide if it is the right color for your space.

When picking colors for a room, think about what the room will be used for. Look at how much natural light comes in and its size. See if your furniture and decorations match the color you want. Test paint samples to find the best shade that fits your desired mood.

Painting Trends To Avoid This Spring/Summer Season

As summer is coming, many people who like art are getting ready. Trying new things is OK, but you should not do some things. Here are some techniques for painting walls we don’t recommend trying this summer:

  • Overuse Of Neon Colors

Neon colors can be bright and fun, but too much of them can make it hard to look at. This summer, mix in some less colorful shades with the neons. Too many neons will make it too busy, and people won’t like looking at it.

  • Excessive Use Of Metallic Paints

Metallic paints can make it look fancy and unique. But use only a little of it. Use it to make certain parts stand out instead of covering the whole image with metallics.

  • Copying Other Artists’ Styles

It is not a good idea to copy other artists’ work. It is boring, and you won’t become a better artist. Try to make your style this season and learn new ways to make art. Don’t just copy others!

  • Overusing Textures And Mixed Media

Textures and mixed media can make the painting look cool. But use sparingly because it will make the painting messy. This season, use textures and mixed media only when needed to make a lovely painting.

  • Focusing Too Much On Painting Trends

It is fun to try new painting styles but remember your ideas. This season, try something different while still keeping your style.

It is fun to try out new kinds of painting. But use sparingly and don’t copy. That way, your paintings will be unique and stay special for a long time.

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Professional Painter

Tips To Ensure Your Paint Job Looks Professional And Lasts Longer

Painting something can make it look better. You can paint a room, furniture, or fence outside. To do a good job and make it last for a long time, follow these tips:

  • Choose The Right Paint

Picking the right type of interior house paint is essential. Choose high-quality colors made for the surface you are painting. If it is a bathroom, choose one that won’t get ruined by water or humidity. Pick one that can stand up to rain and wind if it’s outside.

  • Prepare The Surface

Before painting, you need to clean the surface. Take away any dirt, dust, or debris. Fill in any cracks and make it smooth with sandpaper. This will help the paint stick and look better when done.

  • Use High-Quality Brushes And Rollers

Before you start painting, make sure the surface is ready. Clean it and get rid of dirt, dust, or other things. Fill in any holes or cracks and sand it so it’s smooth. Preparing the surface ensures the paint looks good when you’re done.

  • Apply Paint In Thin Layers

Before painting, you need to clean the surface. Take away any dirt, dust, or debris. Fill in any cracks and make it smooth with sandpaper. This will help the paint stick and look better when done.

  • Allow Proper Drying Time

Wait until the paint is dry before putting on another coat. If you wait, the finish will look good, and the color may stick. Check the paint can to see how long each layer needs to dry.

  • Clean Up Properly

When you are done painting, clean up the brushes and rollers. Throw away any extra paint or materials in the right place. Cleaning helps your tools last longer and be ready for your next project.

To make your paint job look good and last, you must be careful and do it right. Follow the tips, and you will get a nice even finish that won’t wear away. Delta City Construction & Painting Inc. can help you make your home look beautiful this spring. We know the latest trends in painting colors and finishes, so we can give you many options. Our local painters will do an excellent job at a reasonable price. If you have questions or need tips, call us at (630) 410-9250 or visit our page for a free estimate!

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Warm and bright colors like poppy red, daffodil yellow, and tangerine orange dominate a Spring seasonal color palette. Ivory, cream, camel, and lighter browns are neutral Spring colors.

Decorating and painting trends for 2023 appear to be divided into two camps: going bold and bright or staying neutral. Bold color is all about luxe greens, inky blues, berry reds, and burnt oranges, which add drama to rooms while providing warmth and coziness. 

Makeover your bedding. Replace the dark colors, flannel sheets, and heavy blankets with light, airy, and fresh bedding. Add some flowers.  Make use of an essential oil diffuser.  Replace your artwork. Give your space a thorough cleaning. 

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