Our Favorite Mural Ideas

Mural ideas

Top Mural Ideas

Mural Ideas: Recently we discussed different ways you can customize your home with paint techniques that are a little unique. One of the most unique things you can do is to paint a mural! It can be hard to think of the perfect image right off the top of your head though!

Painting Murals

While these are some of our top mural ideas, it’s important to remember that unless you have experience – a mural is not likely to be an easy task to accomplish. Murals require lots of work and skill. First you must draw it out, plan the colors, and then start painting. The painting itself requires knowledge of how to blend to get the right colors and also knowledge of doing things like layering paint too! Call a painting contractor for these jobs if you are not sure you can do it to avoid disappointment!

Here are our favorite ideas for murals in your home:

This Clever Idea For Stairs


Geometric Designs With 3D Shelves


Classic Paint By Number Look


Your Child’s Favorite Movie Characters


Simple DIY Mountains


A Calming Forest


Modern Floral Designs


A Mural of Your Pet


Simple Line Work Of Contrasting Colors


A Cute and Kid Friendly Looking Forest


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