Answering all of your frequently asked questions

When we arrive at your home, we will go through the entire painting process, step-by-step. Our estimate process only takes about 30 minutes. It is important for us making sure we answer all of your questions and to provide you with recommendations and options. for your painting project. Once we have covered all of the details of the project, we will prepare and review your proposal that will display all project details along with pricing.

Look for positive reviews online, ask for a list of references on past projects. Make sure they are licensed and insured see how long they have been in business.

We accept payments by cash, check, and accept most major credit cards.

Actually, yes Many of our clients are not home during the day out working, so our crews will be painting your home for you and updating you on the progress. We are licensed and fully insured so there is nothing to worry about.

Mon: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Tue: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Wed: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Thu: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Sat: 8:00am – 1:00pm
Sun: Closed

Delta City Painters has been in business since 1988. The company was incorporated in 1988 and from the last 21 years, the company is providing high–end painting and drywall to residential and commercial customers. 

Yes, you can leave your home while work is being performed.  There is nothing to worry about while our professional painting crews work. As a peace of mind, we are fully licensed and insured. Our crew will be busy painting while you’re at work, or running errands. We will respect and treat your home as if it were our own.

Yes, we provide references to our customers upon request. You can browse our review section to know what our happy customers say about our services. You may also check our client’s reviews on Yelp to know our expertise.

Yes! Please visit our photo gallery section to see examples of our successfully completed interiors and exterior painting projects.

We only uses the professional quality paints of the popular brands like Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore etc. We may use different brand for painting projects on customer request.

We have been in this business since 1988 and over the last two decades we have provided the highest level of customer services and completed many high-end painting projects. 

We offer complete interior and exterior decorative painting service for your residential or commercial property. Apart from interior and exterior painting, we are also expert in light carpentry, drywall services and kitchen cabinet painting & many more. 

The amount for every painting project vary depending on the following factors:

  • Number and intensity of paint colors
  • Type and size of the painted area
  • Extent of paint needed for surface preparation
  • Type and size of the painted area
  • Quality of paint used 

All these factors are considered by us to provide you with an accurate cost estimate. 

While performing painting, our crew may happen to find dry rotted wood. In such cases, our crew repairs the same with epoxy but if the damage is extreme, we might have to perform light carpentry repair. 

It is difficult to say how much time any project will take as the actual timing of every project varies depending on the factors like condition of your paint surfaces, weather conditions, our schedule and the type of work needed.  However, on an average we take usually 1-4 days to complete most projects. We will provide you with the exact estimation of cost and timing for your house once we evaluate your situation. 

Yes. we will complete your project before the deadline set by us after considering your project needs. We understand your time is valuable and do our best to be non intrusive. 

Yes! We ensure your personal property will remain unaffected from paint drips or spills. While painting your interior, we will cover your personal accessories with plastic sheeting or clean drop cloths. While exterior painting, we use coverings to protect the shrubs and surrounding areas from paint peelings or paint splatter.


We don’t need completely void space to work. But, we suggest our clients to remove all small items and tables / chairs from the room. We may ask you or we can move the furniture and fixtures from your room to ensure their protection.


For both interior and exterior painting jobs, our customers are provided with a wide range of harmonious color combinations to choose from. We not only show color charts but also we suggest to our clients about the color paints that will tend to perform better due to the process of each manufacture.  

Another way to choose a color paint is to browse photos on our photo gallery. This will give you a brief overview about the final look of your house when the same color combination will be used there.


Sheen refers to the glossiness of a paint finish. There are different levels of glossiness and paint manufacturers have categorized by different names usually from lowest to highest ( i.e. from no sheen to high gloss). Below are the types of sheen paints based on their reflective degrees:

  • Flat finish
  • Eggshell finish
  • Satin finish
  • Semi gloss finish
  • High gloss finish


Flat and lower sheen paints provides a more soft and uniformed look to the surface. They offer light reflection and don’t need extra effort for surface preparation (like sanding, texturing or patching) prior to painting. Unlike higher sheen paints, low sheen paints are easy to apply and don’t show “lap marks” after finish.


They are not the right fit for the areas that are exposed to high humidity levels like bathrooms as they’re less resistant to moisture.


Sheen paints have better stain resistance, hence they’re the best choice for areas that are frequently exposed to high humidity levels.

They’ve higher scuff and wear resistance than lower sheen paints, so they can be ideals for surfaces that are scrubbed, handled or washed frequently like bathrooms.


Sheen paints are not as effective on imperfect surfaces. It will show all imprecations on the surfaces you’re painting. Also it is harder to touch up as they highlight the slightly raised touched up surface of the film. This is not a good choice for an old house since it will need to be de-glossed prior to repainting.


Latex paints are the oil based paints which are good for interior painting and exterior painting jobs. The reason is that they are more environmentally friendly than oil based paints. 

On drying, the oil based paints usually dries usually forms a hard and brittle film while the finish in the latex primers lasts over the years. Latex paints are highly durable and their surfaces never contract or expand due to weather conditions.

The only advantage of using oil paints is that it provides a smoother look than latex paint and also didn’t highlight the brush marks on the surface like latex.


Elastomeric Waterproofing System is a method of exterior painting which is usually applied on exterior stucco to remove the hairline cracks from the surface. Usually very thick coating of elastomeric are applied to the affected surfaces so it can easily seal up the cracked surface. Elastomeric have a special capability to span hairline cracks permanently.


All paints, solvents and varnishes contains different types of chemicals, VOC or volatile organic compounds which may be dangerous for human health. Hence, one should take great care and precautions while using VOC’s based products as exposure to VOCs can create health complications like dizziness, eye irritation, and respiratory issues or can even trigger asthma attacks.  


To lower the risk of health problems using VOC paints, various paint manufactures now started using Low VOC paint alternatives. According to the EPA guidelines, latex paints containing below 250g/L VOC are qualified as Low VOC. For oil paint the amount of VOC is 380 g/L prescribed by the EPA.  


Ideally it is impossible to make the No VOC paint but the No VOC labeled paints available in the market actually contact very less amount of VOCs (usually 2-5g/L)


Yes, we are EPA Lead Certified Company.  All the products used by us follow the EPA guidelines. 


A home which was made in the 1980’s is more likely to have lead paint on it. You can undergo a lab test if you want to ensure whether your house is lead painted or not. 


Yes. We can help in renovation and repair rotted wood on the exterior surface of your premise. Get in touch with our team to discuss it in detail.


Absolutely, if you like to make any changes to existing projects, please feel free to contact our estimator directly. We do not charge money for this consultation when discussing add-ons.


The estimate of a painting project is determined manually considering the amount of paint to be used, quality of paint, areas for painting etc. The cost is determined by attention to detail and level of thoroughness.

Majority of bids highlights the cost of painting and labor involved in the surface preparation and paint application and not the actual cost of the paint. We assure like other industries, you will get the best service for what you pay for.


You can easily identify if your paint is oil or latex using detergent and warm water. The method is quite simple: first you need to scrub a small area using warm water and a solution containing detergent. Then take a cotton ball, soak it in alcohol and rub it over the scrubbed area. If your paint does not come off, it’s an oil based paint but if comes off then it is latex.

Paint stickiness is an adhesion problem which appears on the paint when two freshly painted surfaces are pressed against each other. Such issues are usually seen between a door and a frame. 

To prevent paint from blocking wax could be quite effective. Painters place the wax paper between the door jamb and the door which creates a barrier between the two surfaces. You need to wait for a couple of hours to get the best outcome.

Yes, we provide touch-up paints after our job is completed. We properly label the leftover paint for our clients and keep them safe for future repaints.


We simply stop the work when it rains and continue with the same after it dries up


Usually oil based paints took more time to dry than Acrylic i.e. latex paints. For latex paints, 2 hours is sufficient to dry while oil paint may take approx 16-20 hours to become completely dry.


It depends on the climate and environment of a place where you live. But, for any type of painting project, it is recommended to paint the shady sides first. Also painting on exposed sunlight must be avoided by the painter. 

Paint is always applied best when there has been low humidity and little rain. For exterior painting, neither too low nor too high temperature will work as the paint won’t properly adhere to the siding. 


The preparation process for both interior and exterior painting is almost same. But it needs to be done attentively because your paint isn’t going to last very long if your previous painting job was done with bad preparation.

In your exterior preparation, first wash all areas of your home, remove dirt from the areas, fix damages (if any). After this, apply a good primer to seal and protect and now your surface is ready for painting.  

We make this process as detailed as possible for every client. This is very crucial in the beginning.


If you’re interested in painting a portion of your house, you can do that. For this you need to discuss with our estimator about what areas you want to paint yourself. Come join the fun 🙂


We have highly experienced and professional painting crews. We never employ day laborers or sub contractors for any project. Our entire crew is well trained on delivering quality work. You can also perform a walk through during the project with your project manager to ensure if you’re satisfied with our work. Every step of the way we will keep you updated on yoru painting project.


We outline a payment schedule in our contact. We will send an invoice for the entire project cost and will expect to be paid at that time.


Generally your exteriors need to be painted after every 5-10 years. Quality painting on interior and exterior lasts for at least 5 years. Different types of paints last for different time periods. Wood paints loosen sooner than stucco because the wood paints expands and contracts more with the changing temperature. 

It is advised to avoid putting on exterior painting until the house is badly peeling. Also you should ensure that your surface preparation is done thoroughly so that it would be easy for the painter to apply the new coats.

There are several factors that should be considered when hiring the right contractor for your home painting project. At the initial stage, you should perform the following basic checks:

  • Contractor license
  • Contractor insurance
  • Experience of your contactor in this industry
  • Previous work sample
  • Ask queries and raise questions on their strategies to check if they are capable of completing work.

You can maintain your exterior painting by walking around the exterior of your home on a regular basis. In your walkthrough, look for factors like cracks, chalking, water penetration and dry rot which negatively affects the painted surface. If possible, you should pressure wash your entire home once in a year to remove the accumulation of surface dust and impurities.

Maintaining your interior is quite a tedious process as they get dirty in many situations.  To wash the dirt and stains from the interiors always clean the surface using a mild detergent and a soft cloth.bAlso avoid use of alkaline cleaners to remove the dirt as such cleaners can dull the sheen of oil based paints. 

To discuss your project, you should first contact our professional at (630) 410-9250. Each home is unique and have different sorts of painting surfaces. We discuss our project requirements and based on the provided detail our estimator will suggest the estimated cost for the project.

Yes we provide painting project estimates over phone and email. But to understand your full expectations before preparing an estimate, we need to conduct some inspections and take measurements of your premise. Once we understand your project requirements, we will suggest the actual budget and expected time that we will take to complete the project. 

Yes, we always welcome every new project and we do provide discounts on multiple properties as well as on painting projects of returning customers.