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All About DIY Cabinet Staining Chicago

Staining cabinet kitchen areas takes a lot of work and you need proper equipment to make it picture perfect. Kitchen cabinets in particular need high quality stain as they get stained easily. If you understand how to stain cabinets you can do it efficiently and quickly and save yourself time.

Chicago Cabinet Staining Facts

Your main goal throughout a Do It Yourself for staining cooking area cabinets is that you put up a barrier from more fingerprints and discolorations. The wood should look good for a minimum for a year. In addition to ensuring your stain is good, make sure your wood is also high quality. You can look at woods like cherry and oak for this.

Use sandpaper to get rid of any possible scratches that could ruin the surface. You can get rid of any dust particles on the cabinet and after that use a wood conditioner which will seal the stain so it lasts longer. This may seem like lots of steps but this is how you can achieve optimum results!

Allow it to dry and after that begin using the stain in a circular movement to keep proportion in the pattern to make it permeate the wood. Be sure to follow the grain of the wood for a more even finish. Following the grain reduces drips and bumps creating by stain.

Stain your cabinets for a new look
Stain your cabinets for a new look

Kitchen Cabinet Staining Tips

Apply 2 coats of polyurethane surface. Make sure you allow for sufficient drying time. This prevents sticky spots that ruins the finish.

Be aware the stain is not a wood protector, it just helps color the wood and gives it an attractive shine. You will need a wax or sealant for the best results.

Make sure you check colors. A darker wood will not lighten because of stain, on the other hand a lighter wood may turn too dark if too intense a stain is used.

The stain will smell so make sure you use a well ventilated area and take safety precautions for your eyes.

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