Deck Staining Chicago (What You Should Know)

Deck Staining Chicago (What You Should Know)

Deck Staining Chicago

From the ample rain to the wind and snow, Chicago’s weather puts your deck through its paces. If the stain starts to wear off, it will not protect the wood from water anymore, so it is recommended that you restain your deck often. Delta City Painters have put together some things you should know when it comes to deck staining.

Most decks need to be stained every two to five years, depending on the stain used. If you are going to take on this project, you need to follow some tips for deck staining in Chicago.

Deck Staining Chicago
Deck Staining Chicago

Choose the Stain Type

Before you get started, you need to choose the stain type you want to use. There are different options for deck staining in Chicago. However, since you are restraining a deck, your options might be limited. You can only re-stain a solid stain with a solid stain. If you were to put a clear or semi-transparent stain over the solid stain, it would not be able to soak into the wood. Otherwise, you can choose the type of stain you want to use.

Prepare the Wood

The stain will not stick to your deck if it is full of splinters, or dirty. If you have any splintered spots, put on a safety mask and sand them down. Then, it is time to sweep the deck. Take your time to make sure you get all the dust and dirt that has built up. After you finish sweeping, it is time to tackle the debris built up between the boards. A putty knife is an excellent tool to get between the baseboards.

Then, you need to actually clean the deck. You can use a pressure washer or a deck cleaner. If you clean it with a pressure washer, wait a full three days before staining it so it will have time to dry.

Check the Weather

You know that it is best to avoid deck staining in Chicago when rain is in the forecast. You also need to put the project on hold if it is really sunny. Bright, direct sunlight causes the stain to dry quickly. This can create lap marks when you apply the stain. You will not be happy with the finished project if this happens.

Chicago Deck Staining Services
Chicago Deck Staining Services

Go in Order

If the weather is right, you will be ready to bring your project. You need to go in the right order when deck staining in Chicago: With your brush in hand, start with the deck handrail and move on to the deck rail system. Then, apply the stain under the handrail.

With that complete, you will be ready to move to the top of the deck surface. While you may notice that homeowners use a brush for deck staining in Chicago, spending the afternoon on your hands and knees is not ideal. Instead, consider a large pad applicator so you can stay on your feet while you complete the job. You will need to use a brush to go over the joints if you choose this approach, though.

Do Not Get Stuck on the Deck

You do not want to end up stuck on the wrong end of your freshly stained deck, unable to walk down the stairs or get back into your home. Work your way toward the stairs or entrance to your home so that can be the last part of the deck you stain.

How Much Stain Should You Apply?

Less is more when it comes to deck staining in Chicago. If you are using a solid stain, you need to use a thin coat. The coat should be even thinner if you are using a clear or semitransparent stain. If you fail to apply thin coats, the stain will puddle, and it will not soak into the wood, and instead flake off.

Also, apply two coats to your project. This will ensure that the stain looks uniform when you are done.

Consider a Deck Staining Company in Chicago

There are a lot of moving parts when staining a deck in Chicago. You need to choose the right stain, use the proper equipment, and incorporate the right technique or your deck will look like anything but a showpiece

Delta City Painters is here to help you with your deck staining project. Let us take the lead so you will have a professionally stained deck. Also, when you use us, you will not have to worry about the stress of staining.

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