Bathroom Painting Inspiration

Bathroom Painting

Bathroom Painting Ideas

Want to start a bathroom painting project but need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered!

Bathroom Painting Inspiration

Bathroom painting is usually a priority for people when it comes to paint jobs. Having a clean and relaxing looking bathroom can help the overall feel of your house. With the right color scheme it can even increase the sale value of your house! Check out our favorite ideas below and give us a call to set up a home interior painting appointment.

Darker walls can really offset your fixtures nicely.

Lighter and darker shades of the same color offers a classy look

Darker colors near the bottom and lighter at the top makes your space feel lighter and airier

White and 0ff-white are obvious bathroom classics

You can always opt for an earthier color like green

Feeling bold? A partial pattern can really jazz things up!

You can always go for your favorite color with classic monochrome accents too


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