All About Paint Rollers

Paint rollers

Using Paint Rollers

Paint Rollers: When you gaze at a wall in a huge space, equipped just with a paint brush, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, there is a tool that makes the job much less intimidating – a simple yet flexible paint roller.

Why Paint Rollers?

Paint rollers lower the amount of time it requires to paint a big, flat surface area – like a wall with couple of windows or even a ceiling. Paint brushes are small and cause you to take more time to paint a room and with more significantly more frustration.

When painting your room with a paint roller you will find it is much faster and easier. It also applies paint more smoothly and evenly which is a challenge that is hard to resolve with brushes. Paint rollers are best for large areas and brushes are better for small areas.

Paint rollers are a key painting tool
Paint rollers are a key painting tool

Invest In High Quality

It can be tempting to buy cheap and simple paint rollers to get the job done. However, you get what you pay for! Make sure you invest in paint rollers that are good quality. Read reviews online before buying to make sure you get the best kind of roller possible for the job.

Buying paint rollers that are cheap means you are putting your walls at risk for looking streaky, with thin spots and an uneven finish. A wall that looks uneven after a paint job means you’ll have to paint it again and hope it looks better!

Types of Paint Roller

To make sure you get the best quality rollers for your home, make sure you think about the texture of your walls. Flat walls and popcorn walls will have obviously different textures and need different thicknesses of roller to make it work.

There are also paint rollers that leave patterns and textures on your flat walls. You can use these to add depth and splashes of color in your home. Many times this is easier to do than stenciling work or sponge painting. It can also be fun to use different textures as it can make your home truly unique.

It’s also advisable to just hire a professional painter to paint your home. This guarantees a quality finish with fewer problems and much less stress. Hiring professionals also gives you the chance to have other jobs for interior painting done as well. Save yourself time and headaches by hiring a company like Delta City Construction and Painting for the best results!

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