9 Reasons Why Paint Care Is So Important For Your HOA

9 Reasons Why Paint Care Is So Important For Your HOA

The Importance Of Paint Care For Your HOA

If you’re an owner of a condo, then you know that painting is likely on your list of things to do at some point. But did you know that paint care is important for more reasons than just aesthetics? 

Painting a condo can be a daunting task. It is important to know the right way to do it to avoid any costly mistakes. The cost to paint a condo can be expensive if not done properly. 

“How many time can we paint a condo?” before the association deems it necessary to repaint it? This is a question that every board member or property manager will face at some point during their tenure. We can’t expect a simple answer, however.

As spring approaches, homeowners will begin receiving maintenance-related correspondence from their Homeowners Association (HOA).  Most HOA painting guidelines seem confusing to most homeowners. Oftentimes, they require the frequent painting of houses that appear perfectly fine to the layman’s eye.

In this blog post, we will discuss 9 reasons why paint care is so important for your HOA. By taking the time to properly maintain your condo’s paint job, you can save yourself money and headaches in the long run!

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The Importance Of Paint Care For Your HOA
The Importance Of Paint Care For Your HOA

9 Reasons To Why Paint Care Is Essential

1. Surfaces Are Kept Clean And Protected By Paint

Painting does more than simply provide you with beautiful colors for your home; it also protects the objects it covers, including the walls, wood, trim, doors, ceilings, and more. Furthermore, the paint wears out over time. You can damage your paint in several ways, including sunlight, humidity, rain, rot, and general wear and tear. All of this damages the protective coating that protects your home.

2. Makes It Possible To Detect Hidden Damage

Behind flaking, the paint might be a more serious issue. Professionals will be able to assess peeling paint and investigate any potentially more serious underlying problems through the use of HOA painting maintenance strategies. A cosmetic issue like expired or poor quality paint or improper application of adhesive is a common cause of flaking or peeling paint. 

It may also indicate a more serious issue, such as water damage to walls from leaky pipes. You should keep an eye on and report any paint problems that arise, even if they aren’t part of regular maintenance.

3. Assures High-Quality And Competent Contractors

To ensure any painting job is completed by a professional contractor, the HOA provides painting maintenance guidelines. Details vary by association. Often, homeowners have to follow rules when it comes to choosing color palettes, organizing timelines, and painting their homes. 

Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association to find out what the rules are before beginning any paint maintenance work. Paint contractors are often hired by HOAs to paint their properties. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to follow these guidelines, even if the HOA directly hires a painter or offers recommendations. 

Painting is more than choosing a color and slathering it on a surface. You need to thoroughly inspect and watch your surfaces before painting. Depending on the surface, it may be necessary to sand and apply more primer before painting. Most homeowners’ associations require professional painting contractors when there are multiple home or apartment units in a community.

4. Preserves The Property’s Value And Continuity

The major purpose of HOAs is to create a sense of community and to maintain a certain standard of living. Certain aesthetic standards are adhered to in HOA communities, which is helpful to boost the value of the whole community. 

Maintaining the painting in a community is essential for maintaining its value and being able to preserve it. It is important to follow painting guidelines to keep interior and exterior paint both fresh and clean, as well as to maintain all surfaces.

Quality And Lifespan Of Your Home
Quality And Lifespan Of Your Home

5. Improves The Quality And Lifespan Of Your Home

A paint job is more than just cosmetic. It does more than just enhance the look of your home; it also protects its surfaces and structure. You can prolong the value and quality of your community’s homes by investing in painting maintenance strategies. Regular maintenance drastically reduces the need for future repairs.

Repainting is recommended every two years for most surfaces that see more wear than others. Although it may seem overwhelming, especially if the surfaces are visibly damaged or cracked and everything else appears in good condition. Paint does, however, wear down over time, visible or not. Maintaining a house’s value and preventing costly repairs often require regular paint maintenance.

6. Cost Savings

When the painting deteriorates completely, the building or facility may also be vulnerable to further damage, especially corrosion. When compared with the cost of maintaining the paint, restoring the property to a functional state, and repainting it is a huge financial burden.

7. Enhance Safety And Health

Painting does not only make a home more aesthetic, but it also improves the health and safety of a home. Mold, lead, and workplace injuries can occur due to peeling or fading paint when paint maintenance is neglected.  

8. The Aesthetics

Painting adds beauty to a home. As a result, it requires maintenance to keep its aesthetic appeal. Retouching and treating faded or chalked areas can restore their appearance. One coat of paint may be all that is needed to restore those surfaces.

9. Improve Morale And Productivity

Clean environments positively affect people, and freshly painted areas inspire positive and uplifting feelings. There has been some research showing that color can influence mood, elicit certain responses, and encourage certain actions (such as making a purchase). 

Among these, blue stimulates workers intellectually, and green stimulates calmness and reassurance, while red is known to improve energy levels. By utilizing this information, management can choose color schemes and accents that will encourage desired behaviors and attitudes.

5 Ways To Make Your Painting Project HOA Compliant

Some consider homeowners associations a blessing and some consider them a curse. In addition to maintaining the parks, pools, and other neighborhood amenities, your HOA enforces compliance standards and imposes penalty fees for violations. 

From how your lawn looks to what kind of holiday decorations are allowed on your lawn, these standards can apply to everything.  Additionally, your home’s painting is governed by the HOA rules. While every HOA is different, non-compliance with the house painting regulations is almost always a headache. 

The HOA will likely send you terse letters and, over time, daily fines if you don’t comply with its regulations. These tips can help you paint your house while staying in compliance with your HOA.

Painting Project HOA Compliant
Painting Project HOA Compliant

1. Search For Restrictions And Rules.

Check with your HOA to see whether there are any restrictions on paint shades before you choose a paint color. Consider visiting the HOA office in your neighborhood and explaining your plans for the painting of your home. 

An important document you’ll probably receive is called a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R). There is information in this document about what paint colors are acceptable for the neighborhood as well as preferred brands and types of paint.

2. Obtain Approval From Your HOA.

Before painting your home, you should seek permission from your homeowners’ association. For some associations, approval documents must be signed, while others may require a simple heads up. Make a list of the brand, type, and color of paint you want to use before speaking to anyone affiliated with the HOA. 

Painting minor exterior areas shouldn’t require approval, though you should always check. Go ahead and request approval if you want a color that is not on the list of acceptable hues. There’s a good chance you’ll be denied, but you won’t know until you try.

3. Pay Attention To Scheduling Parameters.

HOA rules are defining when you can do renovations to your home, including painting. Time of day, days of the week, or even parts of the year could be subject to these restrictions. Noncompliance results in hefty fees and awkward stares at the next HOA meeting if you veer outside these parameters. 

Check the CC&Rs or contact the HOA office for more information about scheduling requirements. If there are no formal guidelines, use common sense. In other words, schedule the work for regular business hours and try not to disturb your neighbors.

4. Take A Look Around The Neighborhood.

Simply looking around your neighborhood will give you a good idea of whether your house painting plans will be accepted. Does the neighborhood look the same, and does it have a uniform color scheme? Depending on the HOA, some homes must be painted in a similar color scheme, while others allow a certain degree of individuality. 

Several homeowners’ associations discourage the construction of exact duplicates, but they also demand that similar patterns and designs be followed. Take note of the colors of paint in the neighborhood and compare and contrast them.

5. Work With A Professional Painter.

Any professional house painter should know whether your neighborhood has any HOA restrictions, especially if they have previously painted in the area. Some HOAs require the use of specific technicians, so check with yours to see if they have an approved list of contractors. 

When researching potential house painters, be sure to do your research thoroughly. You should verify that the house painter has the appropriate license, adequate insurance, and meets any HOA compliance requirements before signing on the dotted line. To ensure the quality of their work, check online reviews or local customer testimonials. HOA’s could impose fines if poor quality house painting is done.

Choosing The Right Painting Company

Delta City Painters provides a variety of painting services. You need to know what to look for when hiring a painting company, whether it’s for the exterior or the interior. You need someone who has good skills if you want to trust them with your project.

Now that you know what to look for, why not get in touch with the best painter in your area? If you need any help or have questions about how to ensure a smooth paint job, please do not hesitate to reach out. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at Delta City Painters. We look forward to painting your home soon!

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