2 Exterior Home Painting Trends That Are Off the Charts

Exterior Home Painting Trends for 2018

These 2 Exterior Home Painting Trends Are Off the Charts!

Home Painting: Are you planning to paint the exterior of your home? Do you want the best exterior house paint colors for a classic or bolder finish? There are varieties of factors that influence our color choices. For instance, you may need the approval f your family members and neighbors before painting your home.

What will be the best color for your home’s exterior? Are you interested in new trends of exterior house colors in 2018? Or, do you prefer a classic or old-fashioned choice of colors that have a wider appeal?

Well, the decision is all in your hands, because it’s your home and your choice of paint may leave you filled with regrets, each time you see a house painted with a color you dreamed about. So hire a good exterior home painting company, and they will help you in carefully deciding the color of your home’s exterior, and you will be happy from the first brush of paint to the last. Read on to learn how to choose exterior paint colors for your house and also learn some exterior home painting tips.

Black Is Back, Grey Is Hot!

Charcoal black and white trim home exterior paint
Charcoal black and white trim home exterior paint

You can decide to paint the outside of your home with a more charcoal black and opt for a white trim. The black color is starting to be a popular choice and it can look very stylish. However, black will surely fade a little overtime, but, it remains a modern and chic color. These days, dark shades are trending, so if you’re planning on painting the outside of your main house or beach home, you may need to consider this modern stylish shade.

Black paint, and a shinier black paint, on your window trim, will give your home a complete makeover. If you are not sure, you could always test an area first. A dark paint is a stronger commitment, and you will also need to consider the finish, of your home.

You can give the outer part of your home a complete makeover when you use a black paint and a shiny black paint on your window trim. If you’re not convinced if how it will look, you could test an area first. Before painting with black, you also need to consider the finish of your home. You need to consider if the exterior needs any repair work. You should also ensure that all required treatments such as whether treatment have been completed.

Another less dramatic but stylish paint color is gray. This color is a wonderful neutral shade which will show your home and paint trimmings in a contrasting white to give it a sophisticated modern trend.

Pastel Colors

src=”https://deltacitypadev.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Pastel-colors-for-exterior-home-painting.png” alt=”Pastel colors for exterior home painting” width=”714″ height=”413″ /> Pastel colors for exterior home painting

You can also consider a candy or pastel color shade. Historically, this choice is good for homes with pretty woodwork. Soft shades are appealing to the eye and they add a touch of character. A soft yellow or pink paint can bring a some much-needed liveliness to your home. However, if you are confused, you check first for the shade in natural light by testing on few panels

There are lots of astonishing colors to select from, but, traditionally a more neutral color is the best for the exterior of your building. Depending on my budget, I can meet exterior home painters near me and see what if their price is in the budget range

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